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About Beth

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I am one of those people... you know... the weird ones.

I was born on the day of the "Convincing Storyteller".

As a child of 4 years old, I was a visionary and creative.

Throughout my life, I have held one particular vision in mind. While it did come in and out of focus, my childhood vision was a steady companion, a calling and life force. As my story has evolved so has the clarity and deepening integration of this indwelling wise leader. Nurtured by a loving family and healed by an attunement with my creator; I grew through the ebb and flow of life, love, trauma, loss, compassion courage and resilience.


Everyone is on their own journey, but it just so happens that our individual paths are constantly intersecting with those around us. Taking an integrated, playful approach is sure to deepen our enjoyment and efficacy.



I am driven to create sensory-rich learning experiences that foster transformational learning and growth. I believe that we are imbued with an intrinsic power to heal ourselves and each other. I know that we are inextricably connected and neuroscience backs me up. Breathing Room KC programs are designed to rehumanize us all while deepening our ability to skillfully navigate the complexities of human life. Mindfulness, Earth stewardship, and creative expression are at the core of all my work in building the Kansas City Restoration School, trauma-informed professional practices, and intentional resilience culture with the elders of the future.

As the Pathways Youth and Family Services Director at Unity Temple, I enjoy teaching mindfulness to our children and teens each week.  Come explore the many Pathways to mindful living at Unity Temple; home of Unity Church and the Temple Buddhist Center. 


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